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"My one 2 one workshop with Ronnie on a Saturday in October began long before. In several emails he asked me about my equipment, my knowledge about photoshop and processing and what I wanted to shoot and to learn. I came from Germany to Edinburgh on Friday and we met for a cup of coffee and a chat about the next day. In the early morning, before sunrise, Ronnie picked me up and we made our way to North Berwick to shoot some low tide long exposure pics. The place was wonderful and I would never have found it without him. During our time at the location he discussed the shots with me, giving advices but also letting me do as I am used to, to see where I could improve my course of action. After that we went back to his studio to do some post-processing, having a little breakfast and working several hours until we went out to another beach for the second time this day. As a German I appreciated that it ended up with drinking a pint in an Edinburgh pub. I really can recommend Ronnie as a teacher with patience and as a nice guy to be with a whole day. I had a great time, learned a lot and - last not least - my shot from our workshop became instantly explored on Flickr!"  Wolfgang Graf

“I recently had the pleasure to spend time on a one to one weekend workshop with Ronnie Baxter. I already had a brief experience of his teaching methods and was impressed with his fun, relaxed, straight forward and easy to understand style. His ability to assess the needs of a group or an individual enables him to lead you through the photographic process step by step, making sure you understand each stage, before moving on to the next. During my weekend workshop Ronnie took me through the entire process of how he captures long exposure seascapes. He showed me everything from teaching me to find and see photographic opportunities, to the post processing of the images at the end. I already have experience in long exposure seascape photography but knew that an experienced photographer like Ronnie would help me reach the next level. His ability, not only to teach, but to listen enabled him to focus on the areas I would benefit from the most. I was impressed with the level of care Ronnie took to make sure I understood everything; as well getting the most out of the time I spent with him. I also found him very generous and honest in his advice, answering all the many questions I had along the way. Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone with more experience I would very highly recommend Ronnie as someone who can help you improve your photography skills”. - Don Munro.

“I found Ronnie’s website whilst looking for a short workshop/course in the Northumberland area in Nov 2012. I booked for the “Northumberland Landscape Weekend” as it is an amazing coastline that I had only visited once before some years ago. Well before we met, Ronnie had asked about my skill levels, interests and what I wanted to get out of the weekend. This was very re-assuring, as there is nothing worse than undertaking something that turns out to be well above or below your abilities. We met up at the hotel in Bamburgh for a quick lunch and chat before heading off to the rocks and sands north of the castle. After sunset we returned to the hotel and did some work on the images (whilst drinking a beer of course!). The description of the weekend is on Ronnie’s website so I won’t repeat it here. However, the important point is that I felt very comfortable with the balance of working things out for myself and having Ronnie on hand for timely and appropriate advice when I needed it. Everyone is different, but I am know that whether you would like step by step guidance, or just an occasional intervention “on location”, but then more guidance in the Lightroom/Photoshop sessions, Ronnie would work accordingly. There was one other person with us, which worked well for me, as it gave another perspective. Importantly we went to some great locations at the right time of day (or night!), which guaranteed some very satisfying images, helped of course by Ronnie’s expertise. Do I think it is good value? Yes I do as; Ronnie is on hand before dawn until well after dusk and happy to advise and explain on any photographic topic and technique. If you like the stunning beauty of the Northumberland coast and its castles, then book now for the next session! Alternatively I am sure that if you sign-up for one of Ronnie’s other sessions, you won’t be disappointed. Roger Searle (Thorpeness, Suffolk)

” I recently signed up for Ronnie's one-on-one landscape workshop. It was more than a workshop, it was a really a masterclass. Ronnie is a good teacher,  very patient, a good listener and has a good sense of humor. He knows the the Scottish landscapes well and we were out "chasing the light". With Ronnie's help I got to understand and use the features of my camera more efficiently and also became aware of useful iPhone apps. Directly or indirectly I learned patience. I'm here again to do another session with Ronnie. If you're considering doing a workshop with Ronnie, just do it. Chetty Ramanathan

"I recently attended the Northumberland Photography Landscape Weekend in order to improve my landscape photography and specifically my composition. I was taken to a number of fantastic locations throughout the 3 days at differing times depending on the light required. My objectives were to obtain 3 photographs I would be satisfied with and to further my knowledge of Photoshop. I truly enjoyed the days spent with Ronnie and genuinely felt that at the end of the trip both my photography in general and in particular my composition had substantially improved. Ronnie explained matters in a patient, pleasant and knowledgeable manner and at times acted as an assistant. The evenings were spent working on Photoshop, learning relevant and important edits on the days images. It was a fantastic weekend which I enjoyed immensely, achieved my objectives and would recommend to anyone wishing to improve their photographic skills. Thanks very much Ronnie" – Mike Watt 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ronnie wholeheartedly for his expert and professional advice and tuition on my recent long exposure/landscape workshop. This has enhanced the quality of my own photography and all the enjoyment that comes with a deeper understanding of our chosen subject. The choice of locations helped us all produce stunning shots and Ronnie's friendly and approachable manner made this workshop a very enjoyable experience. I can highly recommend this, or any other of his workshops, to anyone thinking of improving their own photographic techniques. Thank you." Derek Bell-Jack

"I would recommend the landscape photography workshop to anyone with an interest in digital photography. It was a great weekend and Ronnie's passion for photography really shows in his teaching."  Judith Fieldhouse

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